April 7, 2020

History Of Inquisitr

The web domain for Inquisitr was registered on August 6, 2007.[2] The company was founded by former TechCrunch journalist Duncan Riley, whose history of launching web businesses includes the Blog Herald, launched in 2002. In 2004, he launched the blog network Weblog Empire, which is 2005, served as the base site for b5media LLC, of which Riley was a co-founder. The company went on to earn $15 million in profits before eventually being sold at a loss. Riley left the company with an undisclosed settlement after protesting the poor pay of its employees.[citation needed] inquisitr was eventually put up for sale in 2011, with Riley citing personal reasons for the sale.

The current website owner, Daniel Treisman, purchased the website via Flippa.com and invested in growing the company.

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